Teachers, It’s Simple to Get Support for your Classroom Wish Lists!

Just let us know us where you teach and provide  detailed description of the support you’re looking for. The more description that is provided for the listed items, the better. Links to products or a thorough explanation of the quantities, sizes, or locations to purchase items is also very helpful and ensures that the wish list has a higher chance of getting funded, is a more efficient way to help the students, and ultimately attains a better result.

After a quick check of the eligibility requirements, we’ll post your Wish List for supporters to direct their giving.

When your Wish List is funded, the materials will be sent straight to you at your school.

And to acknowledge the gift givers’ generosity, you and your students will write thank-you notes to those who donate and take photographs of the Wish List items in action and we’ll share your thanks and photos with your supporters.

That’s all it takes.  Get your Wish List registered today on Support My Class.org!

Please be advised:

If a specific brand name is requested, similar products may be substituted.

If you are submitting a big list that will have a large total dollar amount ($1500 or more) to fund, please consider splitting the items into two or more smaller Wish Lists for faster funding and delivery to your classroom.

In some cases a SMC.org administrator may contact you for clarification of one or more of your requested items. If we are unable to connect with you, we will use our best judgment to post the Wish List as we see fit.