Who is eligible to propose a student wish list?

SupportMyClass.org invites “front-line educators” in public schools to identify the needs of the students they serve. Such front-line educators include teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, school nurses and full-time teachers who also act as coaches. These educators must work directly with students and teach full time.

We are not able to accept proposals from principals, administrators, PTA members, teacher’s assistants, student teachers, substitutes, part-time after school teachers, or staff developers. We also cannot accept a proposal written by one teacher on behalf of another teacher. Similarly, funded proposals can not be transferred to another teacher.

In order to create an account capable of proposing a student wish list, you must attest to the following:

  • I confirm that I am a full-time teacher in a public school.
  • I confirm that I am NOT a principal, administrator, staff developer, substitute, or student teacher.
  • I confirm that I spend 75% of my time working directly with students.
  • I commit to posting wish lists for materials that my students will directly use/experience.