Seating Rug w/ 24 Squares for Kaleiopuu Elementary!

Seating Rug w/ 24 Squares for Kaleiopuu Elementary! [#287-0005]

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Kaleiopuu Elementary


Corey Yasuda


My goal is to provide meaningful learning opportunities while providing a clear arrangement for daily classroom instruction. The Seating Rug will also be incorporated into math lessons since each of the 24 squares are numbered to enhance kinesthetic learning of math concepts but not limited to numeral identification, counting, one-to-one correspondence, counting on, comparing numerals, addition and subtraction. The Seating Rug would also provide each student with clear, visual boundaries to focus during morning business and whole group instruction in all content areas. Kindergartners develop into a learning community with clear routines and boundaries. The Seating Rug will enhance the classroom environment, which will directly influence my students’ learning and appropriate self-directed classroom behaviors. An area to strongly consider is our over-arching goals of standards-based learning; General Learner Outcomes. Going beyond academic achievement to ensure students become engaged, lifelong learners, students need to be Self-Directed Learners. The Seating Rug would provide each student with a choice of where to sit for instruction and to be responsible for their own learning but it would be in one of the clearly marked squares on the Seating Rug. I value each student’s ability to choose their own seat to actively participate in the daily lessons and activities. The direct result of having choices is each student feels respected and as a result will be a cooperative and engaged individual in our learning classroom community.
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Seating Rug 7' 6" x 12' with 24 Squares Bright (FE700-44A) Vender: Contact: Sandra (888) 308-4884 Seating Rug $279.99 Shipping $151.00 No Tax $0.00

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