Get Ready for School at Waimalu Elementary!

Get Ready for School at Waimalu Elementary! [#233-0005]

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Waimalu Elementary


Raedeen Ishihara


I would appreciate some help in purchasing these things since I usually purchase items for the classroom that totals $1,000 per school year.  My school only gives me $200 to spend. I usually buy educational resources for me so my instruction will improve. I want to get my classroom ready for the new school year with working materials.  The items listed above would replace the ones that are currently broken or would help the students understand the concepts better.
My Students need
 1.  Hand vacuum to help clean up the "pet chinchilla & guinea pig" area 2.  Electric stapler - to help students staple their writing compositions 3.  Electric pencil sharpener - to help students sharpen faster, so they can get to work as soon as possible instead of wasting time sharpening their pencils. 4.  Big thermometer - for science.  Someone borrowed & didn't return it. 5.  4 yardsticks - for math measurement 6.  Rotating Fan - to keep the students cool so they can focus. When school starts in August, the weather is very warm!! 7.  Digital camera with a rechargeable battery.  The one I have uses 2AA batteries that run out so fast.  So I would like one with a battery.  That type seems to last longer.  I use the camera for our field trips and student projects! 8.  4 Thesauruses from Scholastic - to help students with their writing and word choice. 9.  Cooler jug on wheels - the students get ice from the cafe & fill it w/water so they have cold water to drink throughout the day.  Currently, we have a jug, but it's not on wheels.  So we use a cart, but the cart is breaking.  I saw a cooler jug on wheels and thought that was perfect for the classroom!

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