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Computer High Technology Lab A/C [#312-0005]

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Kalaheo High


David Hughes


Dear Gentleperson: I am writing today on behalf of the Hybrid Online Learning and Design Technology Programs at Kalaheo. I am seeking your support for three new air conditioners. It has been my honor to be managing both programs and to be the recipient of a new state of the art computer lab. Unfortunately, since the beginning of last school year out of the three working air conditioners located in L-201 two have failed and one is barely functioning presently due to age. As a necessity currently the lab is operating with all windows open, which has a negative effect on the learning environment but also the equipment. I have grave concerns that if the present situation continues the productivity and longevity of the twenty new touch screen desktops and 3-D printer will be negatively affected by the extreme heat and dust in a short duration of time. Any assistance in obtaining three new air conditioning units would be deeply appreciated, and greatly benefit the current and future students at Kalaheo High School. Sincerely, David Hughes Hybrid Online Learning Lab/Design Technology Coordinator  
My Students need
2 12,000 BTU Air Conditioning Units.

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