Protected: Gift Cards for students with disabilities

Protected: Gift Cards for students with disabilities [#301-0041]

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Castle High


Danielle Mizuta


We are an Intensive Training Classroom (ITC) for students with Autism and other disabling conditions.  Our students are preparing for transition to adulthood, which includes independence and purpose after school.  Many of the students we serve need to build on their skills to be productive and contributing members of the community.  Their goals look different than younger students.  Our students work on functional life skills that include community based instruction.  Many of our students have cognitive and physical limitations which make daily living a bit more challenging than a typical peer.  Your support is appreciated! Students work on being able to independently care for themselves, which include following a schedule, and identifying basic needs.  We need gift cards to load apps such as Visual Schedule Planner, Proloquo2Go, etc.  We also will use gift cards for various grocery and drug stores where the students need to make purchases independently.  Because many of our students don’t have one to one correspondence, handling money is difficult.  In an effort to keep them from being taken advantage of, and moving towards independence, they use gift cards to make purchases.  Their individual goals include making simple meals (sandwiches, etc.) and hygiene (toiletries, etc.). The DOE does not approve all of the receipts we teachers submit using our own money nor do they allow purchase orders to buy gift cards even if it is in a student’s IEP.  At school, we teach students to identify what they need and which gift card they will need to use and swipe.  I was honored by a local business with a $200 donation where we were able to buy gift cards.  But because we take the students out into the community at least once a week, that didn’t last long. The families of these students are hard working parents who provide as much as they can to our classrooms and often donate as well.  They are not all fortunate enough to have extra funds after the expenses of their children with special needs require.  This is why we are reaching out and asking for help.  Regardless of how much we raise, we will continue to take the students out and work with them to gain the independent skills they need to live a purposeful life.  I do know it doesn’t hurt to ask.  If you have any clarifying questions, please feel free to contact me! MAHALO for your support – Danielle
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Gift cards: iTunes, Longs, Foodland, McDonalds, Ross Dress for Less, any other store in Windward City Shopping Center

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