Nanakuli High & Intermediate Football Program Video Program!

Nanakuli High & Intermediate Football Program Video Program! [#263-0015]

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Nanakuli High


Wes Pacheco


The HUDL video editing program is a dynamic coaching resource and tool that can be used to help prepare student-athletes for the rigors of athletics. It also enriches the student-athlete experience with the integration of technology as a tool in the year round practice and preparation of playing in an extra-curricular athletic sport. The HUDL video program will greatly enhance the learning experiences of the 100 plus student athletes the Nanakuli High & Intermediate Football Program has a positive influence on year round. This program also provides an opportunity for the program to be in constant contact with collegiate level football recruiters across the nation to enhance the opportunities of student-athletes at Nanakuli High & Intermediate attaining a post-secondary education through athletics. Web link to resource being requested:
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