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ActivSlate for Stevenson Middle School! [#148-0003]

School Name: Stevenson Middle
Teacher: Candace Kinoshita
Grade: 8
ActivSlate is a wireless, fully integrated, notebook-sized tablet that offers the same interactive functionality as the ActivBoard, but can be used from anywhere in the classroom.   I would love to be able to walk around the classroom to help with classroom management.[..]

My Students need
I would love to be able to get a Promethean ActivSlate.  

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A STEP in the right direction at Scott Elementary! [#227-0002]

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 7.01.40 PM
School Name: Scott Elementary
Teacher: Alena Wong
Grade: 4
Aloha Supporters,  Mahalo for taking the time to help support public school students and teachers!  My wish list was created with our NEW state-wide math program "Stepping Stones" in mind.  The state Department of Education has sent teachers throughout the state to attend training sessions to implement a math program aligned to the Common Core S[..]

My Students need
1.   Projector (used to connect to a computer), 2.  Math manipulatives (circle flat counters, foam cubes, and/or play-doh, 3.  Outdoor sports equipment.

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“Box of Facts” for Mililani Ike Elementary! [#240-0002]

box of facts
School Name: Mililani Ike Elementary
Teacher: Cori Muraoka
Grade: 5
Students sometimes have trouble understanding math strategies without "seeing it." The Box of Facts Simple are visual aids and models to help students see the thinking strategies they can use to learn the multiplication and division number facts instead of purely memorization. It provides everything needed to introduce, reinforce, practice and ext[..]

My Students need
Origo Education Box of Facts (Multiplication/Division), Blank Cubes

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