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iPad Air, Case and Connector to Teach Reading & Language Arts at Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary! [#223-0005]

ipad with case
School Name: Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary
Teacher: Melanie Lui
Grade: 5
I am requesting one iPad Air,iPad Air Smart case, and connector cord to help me teach Reading and Language Arts.  This year we have a new statewide Reading program Wonders.  While we have printed teacher's manuals for the program, there is a huge online component to the program including online lesson plans with answers (the printed component doe[..]

My Students need
 iPad Air(16GB) , iPad Air Smart Case, Cord to connect iPad Air to the document projector

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Talking To: To Kill A Mockingbird at Waipahu High! [#277-0012]

School Name: Waipahu High
Teacher: Alice Chang
Grade: 9-12
Most of my students do not enjoy reading.  It is challenging for them to find meaning in text.  One strategy that has been most effective for students to begin to unpack reading is called Talking to the Text.  In this strategy, students annotate, or write directly on the text, to find connections, ask questions, visualize, and discover interesti[..]

My Students need
 I am requesting 75 copies of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird for each of my students. 

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Math Manipulatives for Stevenson Middle! [#148-0005]

shutterstock_75432820 -  calculator
School Name: Stevenson Middle
Teacher: Amy Lunsford
Grade: 6,7,8
Special Ed. students are often kinesthetic learners, and therefore need hands-on learning tools.  These math manipulatives are a great way to engage them in the classroom![..]

My Students need
5 plastic Cuisenaire Rod sets, 10 safety compasses, 5 attribute block sets, 5 Base 10 block sets, 10 TI-15 Explorer Calculators, 5 Rainbow Fraction/Decimal Tile sets, 1 class set of geared mini-clocks, 10 sets of dice, 1 money basics classroom set, 1 set of 1,000 centimeter cubes, 10 double-sided Geo boards, 1 hands-on equations class set, 1 volume activity comprehensive set

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